Human resources are the true core of each company, but their correct management is often put off because of other more urgent needs of the organization.
This problem affects both smaller-sized companies, which cannot create an
appropriate HR department, and fast-expanding companies, where the managers
have crucial executive duties and cannot focus exclusively on the HR

EHR offers to support these companies through a series of specific services:

Entrusting a highly specialized organization with
the complete management of the entire personnel of the company, according to the
client's own ethics and objectives. EHR acts as the "HR department" of the
company, guaranteeing services such as:

1 - competencies evaluation,
2 - workforce planning,
3 - internal mobility, substitutions, and turn-over management,
4 - evaluation system, career planning, and incentive plans,
5 - needs analysis and training programs,
6 - HR and compensation administration.