In the various areas of the company, sales and marketing is always seen with the utmost importance. Sales, sales margins, new markets, new divisions, new products and services have always been an essential element of companies. The whole organization works to achieve the volumes of sales and margin. Considering sales and marketing a strategic area of enterprise isn’t enough, it is the essence, the being of the enterprise. Every company has a commercial area, but it is not always possible to achieve the necessary and desired objectives. In other cases, strategic paths are taken to develop sales, such as the opening of new divisions (branches) or acquisitions of business units to complete the product ranges offered, internationalization or other. In these and other cases it is preferable to choose the Temporary Manager instead of the normal Sales Manager because the needs may require experience and specializations to be used temporarily, different from ordinary ones, perhaps even much higher. There are many examples of use.

It remains important to define the strategic objectives of the temporary mission and the characteristics to be searched for, which must be well thought out and shared, also with external partners, who may be following the company with analysis and consultancy interventions related to the matter in question.