Every company has its own life and growth path. If a company rides growing business trends and expands, it comes at a certain moment the need for an HR Manager to manage the areas of personnel administration, union, selection, training and career development plans. The size of the company to carry out all these activities is considerable and therefore the time to insert the figure responsible for the HR area is linked to the achievement of certain dimensions of the company. In the meantime, however, the company needs to gradually incorporate the skills and activities needed to develop the Human Resources area. This type of activity can be carried out by a person who gradually grows with the company or a manager with a temporary or part-time mission who can bring innovation and coverage of the specific requirements of the organization. From our experience, each company gives a different value and weight to the Human Resources area, but in any case the activities must be carried out in an appropriate way to avoid gaps in the future in the management of Human Resources such as the management of individual training plans. By temporarily employing a highly qualified professional with delegated powers, objectives and predetermined timescales, the function can be adequately covered.  For the designated manager, his mission will be the corporate one and will coincide with the achievement of the agreed objectives, guaranteeing the continuity of organizational development, strengthening the activities necessary for his area of reference, solving critical or positive moments such as situations of strong growth. In this context, EHR Italy's support is aimed at identifying the best Temporary Manager to carry out the activities.