EHR operates according to the professional ethics code adopted by ASSORES - Italian
Association of Search and Selection Companies - of which EHR is an active member. The code indicates the principles through which EHR is able to ensure the quality of its services and a straightforward relationship with both its clients and its candidates.

The focal pointsof the professional ethics code are:

1. Protection of the privacy concerning the candidates' and the clients'
personal records;
2. Guarantee of professional secret: all information acquired about the clients
and candidates during the recruiting process are treated as strictly
3. Transparency of contractual terms.

In accordance with the professional ethics code, while maintaining its relationship with the candidates, EHR must:
1. Provide clear and complete information about the job offered;
2. Protect the anonymity of the candidate;
3. Guarantee that the personal records acquired are only used for recruiting purposes;
4. Never accept any kind of payment from the candidate.

In accordance with the professional ethics code,
while maintaining its relationship with its clients, EHR must:
1. Obtain a guarantee of exclusivity (as stated by the pertaining law): in the best interest of both the company and the candidate, the client must confer the recruiting assignment exclusively to EHR, which undertakes the task on the basis of the agreed upon conditions;
2. Clearly state all the conditions concerning payments and the specifics of the job;
3. Promote its activities in a clear and appropriate manner, to allow the client to fully understand the complete range of services being offered.

EHR looks to establish with its client a relationship based first and foremost on trust. All of the information made available to EHR are treated as confidential and are used only according to the needs of the selected recruiting method.