Over the years EHR Italy and its consultants have gained significant experience in the wine and spirits industry. Among the multiple industries that EHR Italy works in contact with, this one has developed beyond expectations.

The areas of intervention have been focusing mainly on research and selection of highly skilled and qualified professionals, for example General Directors, Commercial Directors, Export Managers, Marketing Directors and many more. We have developed many activities in the HR Consultancy field, intervening in our clients’ organizations.

EHR Italy looks after the customers through its network of skilled consultants providing support in the business or financial area.

In short, we can list the experiences gained in various business environments in Italy.

  • Company commercial structure (strategies, product placement, penetration channels, sales network, relations with dealers, sales efficiency analysis, market analysis);
  • marketing and organisation of national and international events, communication;
  • collaboration between wine makers of different regions or non-competitive grape varieties, with industry contracts and communication and promotion projects;
  • selling and buying of / participation in wine makers companies to entrepreneurs and investors (funds or financial institutions);
  • developing high-quality hospitality projects with positive organisational repercussions;
  • generational change;
  • developing and realizing specific training programs, funded and not, in single and multi-company projects (for example using collaborations with the Accademia delle Professioni di Rubano and Verona)
  • subsidized finance, legal and contractual assistance.