The Executive Search activity is the process of direct research aimed at identifying the most appropriate candidates to hold top management positions within organizations.
For us, the Executive Search is the outcome of a project agreed and defined with the client/partner, based on the specific needs of the company. It is also the result of a detailed analysis of its organization.
EHR Italy works with the BoDs to define objectives and identify critical success factors to attract and motivate executives who will make a difference.
EHR Italy believes in the importance of strategic figures in the company and illustrates their details during the Executive Search activity. Its proven and innovative approach (always attentive to new tools) allows clients/partners to identify the best potential candidate and to establish his/her right professional path.
The Executive Search is a tailor-made consultancy activity. It is a personalized project that will explore the most critical elements, the technical and relational skills necessary to cover the required business responsibilities.
EHR Italy begins with the analysis of the corporate context and then shares with the client/partner the ideal profile's characteristics, the methodology for identifying the most qualified manager and the project time-line. It integrates the organizational assessments with the candidate's motivational, relational and behavioral ones. In their selection process, the tests/studies/assessments outlined in the project's specifications, and useful for identifying the candidate's vision, will be addressed. EHR Italy completes the Executive Search activity with a program to accompany the candidate in his or her employment with the company.
We help organizations identify their potential future leaders. We identify the right candidates to support the top management in their strategic decision-making.


The selection process and all the steps related to it, can give...


The projects for selecting a Board Member are always studied and customised in terms of tools, in order to be able to identify the Manager most suited to the needs of the reference shareholder.