EHR operates according to the professional ethics code adopted by ASSORES - Italian Association of Search and Selection Companies - of which EHR is an active member. The code indicates the principles through which EHR is able to ensure the quality of its services and a straightforward relationship with both its clients and its candidates.

The focal points of the professional ethics code are:

1. Protection of the privacy concerning the candidates' and the clients' personal records;
2. Guarantee of professional secret: all information acquired about the clients and candidates during the recruiting process are treated as strictly confidential;
3. Transparency of contractual terms.

In accordance with the professional ethics code, while maintaining its relationship with the candidates, EHR must:
1. Provide clear and complete information about the job offered;
2. Protect the anonymity of the candidate;
3. Guarantee that the personal records acquired are only used for recruiting purposes;
4. Never accept any kind of payment from the candidate.