Many companies don’t have a managerial figure like the General Manager, for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that surely this function is often performed by the owner or people close to the owner. Another reason is the size of the company, another one is why it is considered of little use, etc… In the life of the company, however, at certain times it is absolutely necessary to have a valid Manager able to perform the function of General Manager because the state of health and development of the company requires it. There are many reasons for this need and there are some activities that cannot be carried out by people without experience in the function and who do not know what to do. In the life of a company there are phases such as the acquisition of new companies, the accompaniment to the managerial or generational transition, which must be carried out and realized by people with indisputable and proven experience. These missions are well defined in terms of objectives and timing and therefore Temporary Manager activities par excellence, but they must be carried out by highly capable people, people with excellent references, people who have already achieved even higher objectives and impeccable standing. Also in this case if the company is followed by an external partner who studies the organizational phases, studies the social pacts, studies the future strategy, it will have to deal with the same to better define together with EHR Italy the figure to be sought and identified.