The recruiting process can guarantee a successful
placement through its different phases. A closer look to EHR activities will
allow you to recognize the value of choosing among many candidates to find the
"ideal" one. EHR employs a strict process which is rarely modified, because it
is by applying every single phase of the recruiting that EHR Italy obtains the most
satisfying results.

In details, the phases are:


Analysis of the client's company
EHR carries out a study of the company's environmental variables (such as the
industry sector, the setting, and the operational difficulties) that affect the
placement process, in order to prepare an accurate profile of the "ideal"

Analysis of the job and the required competencies
In order to identify the fundamental features that are required to
undertake the offered job, EHR developed the technical skills form and the
personal competencies form
. The former indicates the profile of the sought after candidate, the
latter specifies the qualities that are considered crucial to perform
exceptionally in the specific occupation

Assignment feasibility
EHR verifies together with its client whether the requested recruiting
assignment is feasible, and determines the ideal means of communication and the
time needed to present a group of potentially suitable candidates

EHR's own database
2. Personalized
advertisement on newspaper, professional
publications, Internet

3. Head Hunting.

EHR consultants operate through various methods:
Individual interviews
Group interviews
Personality and Psycho-Attitudinal Tests
Handwriting Analysis
6. Individual Assessment
7. Recruiting Assessment.

Presentation and placement
EHR presents and selects a group of suitable applicants, supporting the
client in identifying the ideal candidate until he/she is operatively
integrated within the company

EHR guarantee
Upon agreeing on the length of a "trial period", EHR maintains a close
relationship with both the candidate and the client, comparing the opinions of
both. EHR verifies the degree of satisfaction and the integration of the new
employee inside the company. If the collaboration should cease within the
agreed upon "trial period", EHR reactivates the recruiting process with no additional
expenses for the client

EHR monitors the placement process at set intervals (30/60 and 90/180
days), using specific instruments developed to separately ascertain the degree
of satisfaction of both the client and the candidate