In a rapidly changing environment, the speed and quality of change are critical variables: the need to learn new systems to implement strategies changes in the need for styles and behaviors at work sometimes very different from those that previously characterized the corporate culture.
EHR Italy supports managers in the construction of development plans that respond to the company's strategic choices and the need to control competitive factors. An effective human resources development management system is a tool through which companies try to align organization and people to business strategies.
This type of intervention is developed downstream of a project to identify the distinctive skills of each role and simultaneously with the implementation of a process of evaluation of the skills themselves.

Managing and developing human resources effectively means having a structured architecture that allows to have reference points, correct and precise coordinates to deal with some key moments of a company's professional life such as: selection and placement, training, professional growth and career.
The objective is to ensure that the choice and management of training and development plans can be personalized, targeted and carefully finalized both on the skills to be developed and on the level at which they are to be developed, considering people's potential and motivation.
In order to be linked to the strategies of a specific organization, the architecture of the development plans must provide for the verification of the adequacy of the person to the role and the personalized paths according to the difference between skills possessed and required.

It is thus possible to define and generate ad personam pathways, for which further customizations are possible allowing freedom of choice along certain dimensions; for example: choice of skills to be developed as a priority; choice of the type of development intervention; choice of basic skills or knowledge (linked to a specific competence) on which to focus development.
It is also possible to support the entire process with a dedicated software for the management of the system that according to EHR Italy provides a non-secondary contribution to the real implementation of the described processes.  

The architecture of the development plans must provide customized paths according to:
-individuation of the strategic roles that oversee the company's distinctive competence in compliance with the organization's strategy
-verification or construction from scratch of the job descriptions of said roles
-definition of critical skills for each role
-definition and implementation of the process of evaluation of the skills possessed by the persons who preside over these roles
-analysis of the gap between skills possessed and required (identification of skills to be developed)
-definition of an organic plan for people's development/career;
-if necessary, design, implementation and implementation of a performance evaluation project.
Designing, implementing and maintaining "architectures" of this kind, also through the use of supporting technologies, is EHR Italy's activity.