Performance Evaluation is a tool that fosters the process of communication and integration between organization and people. The introduction of an evaluation system represents an effective agent of change and cultural rejuvenation. Performance evaluation is characterized as a real tool for organizational development.

Management by objectives (in English management by objectives, hence the acronym MBO) is a method of personnel evaluation that is based on the results achieved against set objectives.
Management by objectives is a useful tool for obtaining the maximum participation of human resources in the achievement of company results.

EHR Italy supports organizations in defining, formalizing and controlling the objectives and result parameters for the Organizational Units and their Managers and in carrying out the evaluation of individual performance.

Benefits of management by objectives:

Motivation through the active involvement of employees by increasing accountability, satisfaction and commitment.
Communication through interaction between managers and collaborators favouring synergy and sharing.
Management of Human Resources constituting a homogeneous style of Human Capital management.